Best PC racing Wheel

The squishy soft leather of the steering wheel and the acceleration underneath your feet are the factors that boost up the efficiency of the engine of your favorite car to receive some serious chills down your spine. Racing PC games WITH steering wheel give you much better and realistic stimulation and that is from your seat of comfort, right. It actually does feel like you are literally pulling your car down the driveway or whatever you are up to. Another thing is that the weather on the outside no more judges your fate, you do.

There are a bunch of gaming instruments that pander you a great gaming experience. But when it comes down to steering wheel, it’s entirely different with its accurate turnaround points and supremacy. These enhance your gaming experience in multiple ways. First being the position of your reflexes realistically control the wheel and pedals and then it’s the deliverance right off the bat i.e instant reaction. Every bump on the road can be felt in your bones through resistance and vibration.

Top Rated Cheap Computer Logitech Sim Steering Wheel for gamers in 2015
1. Logitech Driving Force GT – Around $130
It is genuinely licensed by Gran Turismo series so I don’t see why not. The Driving Force GT is one of the most dated as well as popular PC wheels there is, today. It is quite cheap in comparison to its deliverance. The pedals might be really ordinary compared to high-end wheels, but they still give finer control than the triggers of a pad. As you play along and get a good grip of it, you get used to it and offers you better gaming experience each time you unwrap. The adjustment dial allows you to modify car settings on the run.
2. Logitech G27 – Around $250
It may cost you quite a bit, but it is significantly better than those low-end ones. The G27 physically feels more solid than GT substituting aluminum and a brilliant shifter which can be as appealing as a race car. All of those are covered with quality leather. The gearbox and wheel is seperated which implies there’s more flexibilty to it for mounting the parts. On the top edge of wheel rim, there’s rev lights that lets you decide the perfect moment for switch gears. The pedals are much more resistant than GT.

Regularly shooting down country road can give you some real feels. Wheel resistance is rigid, the pedals although resistant each feel slightly different and something one gets very easily used to. The one drawback is that some of old games like Need For Speed cannot be controlled. But then again, it’s not entirely their fault and compensable.
3. Fanatec CSR – Around $250
CSR supports PC, Xbox and PS3. The CSR is a phenomenally comfortable wheel to use due to its unique structuring of the wheel grip. It is kind of the same material that’s used in other sports cars. Unfortunately unlike G27, all the components here are wrapped with plastic which feels densely cheap. Apart from that, it’s a top notch wheel and definitely worth giving a shot.


Things to Consider While Buying Best Gaming TV

Gaming is a passion for many of the individuals and they do all that possible for making their gaming experience enhanced. It is possible for the individuals to make it really work in great way when they get all the accessories that are much appropriate for gaming. It is possible for the individuals to get best gaming TV so that they gaming experience can really be made so good. When the gamers are into buying a TV for making gaming a much easier and awesome experience then here are some of the things that they need to take care so that they make the right choice.


When it comes to choose the technology for the gaming TV, it is good for you to choose the one that can provide you with the best visual experience for gaming. There are chances for many of the individuals to feel that plasma can provide them with the kind of the visual experience that they need. The major issue with the plasma is that they have the image retention problem that can really make it hard for you to deal with when you are choosing the gaming. There are chances for you to have a good gaming experience when it comes to LED and OLED. OLED is really good but can be a bit expensive. Considering all these factors LCD can be a great choice for the gamers.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is one among those features that you need to look for in the gaming TV that you are buying. Many brands of the gaming TVs call it in different names. This is the feature that deals with the blurring effects and it actually reduces blurring effects well that is associated with the motion of the pictures on the screen. It can add processing to image and so can also increase the motion lag. If you are choosing a gaming TV then it is better to choose the one that has got minimum of 120Hz as the refresh rate.

Local Dimming

This is another feature that is also known in different names according to the brand that you are considering. Local dimming is the feature in the gaming TV that dims Led backlight on those areas of screen that are darker. When this feature is working well you may not notice the kind of the benefits that it provides. You may be able to find the images with much deeper levels of black but the image may have brighter parts as it is. This is something that is much relevant in the case of the gaming TV.

Game Mode

When you are buying a gaming TV, it is good for you to choose such a TV that has got the property of reducing the input lag when the TV is in the gaming mode. It does this by cutting some of the processing that is there with the TV. Many of the TV have got the quality reduced with this mode and so check well when you consider in buying a gaming TV.

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