Family House is ...

A residential long-term care facility and has served the Milwaukee, WI community for over 20 years. It serves men and women 55-years and older or disabled in comfortable, clean, and cheerful conditions in a row of houses. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Family House is to improve the overall quality of life for the central-city Milwaukee community as guided by Christian precepts and actions through programs and activities that serve to enhance:

•  Elderly resident long-term care

•  Youth educational and leadership opportunities

•  Community safety and cohesiveness

•  Community and economic development

•  Job creation

•  Stabilization of the local area tax base

•  Reduction of crime

•  Decrease in the usage of illegal drugs and alcohol

•  Improvement of the local area housing

•  Provision of local and accessible role models

 Our Founder, Cordelia Taylor

Our President / RN, Mrs. Taylor, has received numerous awards and recognition for the provision of services to various populations both locally and nationally. She has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Black Nurses Association, AARP Impact Award, and others. 

Why Family House?

Family House prides itself on providing its elderly residents with experienced Certified Nursing Assistants on a 24-hour basis in an environment that does not resemble any facility offering the same level of care. Family House, just as the name implies, is a facility that offers care in a home like setting, creating a community that becomes a family. 



For more information please call

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